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Anmol Technomart Pvt. Ltd.

Anmol Techno Mart Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2007, a subsidiary of Anmol Infra Soft Inc an Company is established to function effectively in an environment of limited time, budget and resources for a Company seeking Brand creation and product establishment.

We measure our success on how well our clients‚?? goals are achieved and our team is rewarded based on this success. We provide unbiased and best services to our clients for the challenges ahead. Once we have agreed the objectives, timescales and budgets with our clients, we are focused and dedicated to achieving their goals.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve their objectives. We have found the most effective way to do this is to develop long-term relationships.

We invest significant time and energy keeping abreast of clients‚?? businesses. As well as an understanding of the technology market we also have a detailed understanding of clients‚?? specific companies, the markets they operate in and their competitors.

We work with clients in three ways:
  • Adhoc
    Working on a project-by-project basis when clients‚?? need all marketing spends to be allocated to specific projects or cost centers.
  • Retained
    When clients are able to make a regular commitment for our time we are able to help their budgets go further and ensure consistent on demand team availability.
  • Outsourced marketing
    Practical assistance for organizations at specific stages of development, for example during periods of growth or for business start-ups, we take on the full responsibility for their marketing working with other departments as required.
Recruitment Policy

Anmol Techno Mart Pvt. Ltd. employees are highly skilled and expertly trained marketing and sales professionals. The key to every professional selection is good interpersonal communication skills and a sizable quality portfolio, of impressive skill sets.

References and Screening
A verification check on permanent staff is carried out at the time of job application. This includes the following controls:

  • Availability of satisfactory references;
  • A check (for completeness and accuracy) of the applicant‚??s curriculum vitae;
  • Independent identity checks (passport, birth certificate or similar document).
  • Previous Employment Latest Salary Slip/certificate
A similar verification process is carried out for temporary staff. If these staff is provided through an agency the contract with the agency clearly specifies the agency‚??s responsibilities for screening and the notification procedures they need to follow if screening has not been completed or if the results give cause for doubt or concern.